Fawn Hitchcock


Fawn Hitchcock is a lifelong resident of Licking County, Ohio. Fawn graduated from Lakewood High School in 1999. Fawn has an associate's degree in computer programming from Central Ohio Technical College and a Professional Master's in Acupuncture from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. She is certified by the National Certification Commission of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Fawn received her license from the State of Ohio Medical Board and has been practicing since the spring of 2010. She will celebrate 14 years with her practice in March of 2024. She recently added an acupuncturist to her staff.

Fawn is the president of Ideal Promotions. Ideal Promotions builds transformational relationships with clients who seek to elevate their brand with exceptional products, supplies, and marketing services. Fawn has a passion for helping others in many ways. She spreads kindness everywhere she goes. Fawn loves to see others feel good, enjoy life, and prosper!

By teaming up with her husband, who has been consulting for over 20 years, Fawn and Steve developed a business model that goes beyond transactional relationships to provide a personalized touch and care for each client's needs. Every client is unique and has specific needs. Fawn also knows and encourages a fun, innovative workplace where ideas are shared, valued, and respected among the team.

Fawn married her husband, Steve, in 2015. Together, they have a son named Trey. The family enjoys spending time together and adventuring through life. They enjoy anything outdoors, arts and crafts, learning, and growing together. The three especially enjoy great food from around the world. If you know some places, please let Fawn know. The Ideal team looks forward to growing transformationally with you, your company, and your unique brand!


Steve Hitchcock

Vice President/ Business Development Leader

Steve Hitchcock graduated from Franklin University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration after transferring from the University of Rio Grande in southern Ohio, where he played varsity baseball for three years. Steve completed his Master of Ministry from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in April 2021. Upon graduating in 2001, Steve began his consulting career, which he has been doing for 22 years. Steve has consulted domestically and internationally and served on the Board of Living Water of Ohio. Steve has been to Kenya three times on missions. Steve is the CBEM-Africa youth minister for the US. He is an avid writer and produced GIV365 (God is Visible Every Day) daily devotional book.

Steve is an active member of his church who enjoys volunteering on a safety team. Steve is currently the president of Granville Rotary and is a member of several area Chamber of Commerce. Steve enjoys volunteering and sponsoring community events. He graduated from the 22-23 Licking County Community Leadership program through the Licking County Chamber of Commerce.

Steve's passion is people. He loves building lifelong relationships with people and pouring into their lives. With Steve's vast knowledge and experience comes a heart for serving others. No matter what hat you find him wearing, he is looking out for other people's interests to help them learn and grow. Steve is a lifelong learner and likes to be a better version of himself daily.

Steve reunited with a high school friend after 20 years and is now married to Fawn, his best friend. The two enjoy traveling, their love for the outdoors, and finding good food. Fawn is Steve's biggest fan and visa-versa. Steve often shares how excellent Fawn is and how she helps many people with her medical practice. Steve and Fawn have one son, Trey, who is in first grade at a community Christian school—the three love to travel, hike, and find good cuisine from all nationalities. In addition, Steve enjoys hunting, golfing, playing softball, coaching, and exploring God's creation.


Trey Hitchcock

Creative Consultant 

Trey Hitchcock is the youngest and possibly the most brilliant Ideal team member. Trey understands business and creativity from a different perspective. The first task Trey tackled was developing the Ideal logo. Steve, VP & Business Development Leader, mentioned the need for something universal, like DNA or a fingerprint. Trey had the idea to use a fingerprint with a lowercase I and dot the I with a fingerprint.

Creativity comes naturally to Trey, and so does entrepreneurship. Trey loves creating brands and logos in his spare time and has his own brand. Coming up with ideas on promoting businesses from his perspective brings Trey great joy. Trey is excited to be providing quarterly product reviews from his perspective.

Trey is in the second grade at a private Christian school in central Ohio and enjoys playing baseball and golf and roaming the great outdoors with his family and friends. He also shares his family's passion for traveling and finding great food and hiking trails. Trey's favorite place to travel is Black Mountain, N.C.

Trey is a Trail Life Fox and loves his arts and crafts, which is highly encouraged by his circle of friends and family. Trey describes his creative mind as carefree and not conforming to the world, allowing him to explore beyond those posed by society.

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